Artist Café with Degeneral

Artist Café with Degeneral on Patris Radio is a show set to promote every form of art within and outside the space of Nigeria. The show is open for artist whose content is great, edifying and inspiring. Catch your Little DrummaBoi, Degeneral every Friday by 11am via the radio link or the mobile app downloaded from either the Google or Apple IOS play stores. You could follow the radio station on all social media platforms @PatrisRadio and you could also follow Degeneral on twitter  . Artists(singers, rappers and spoken word artist) could send their pieces to 08095318024(for those in Nigeria) and +2348095318024(for those outside the country). All these should be done on WhatsApp.

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Xtrmbasepro is a platform for promoting reputable contents that are life and mind transforming. It was birthed out of the desire to fill the airwaves with good news and be a part of those who would reclaim the media, arts & entertainment spheres to the glory of God

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