They say “the journey means more than the destination”. True, but how you begin that journey also has a great role to play. When you wake, what is the first thing you think of and how do you intend the day to go? There are so many obstacles along the road. Staying focused on what you want to achieve will make you realize what obstacle to ignore and which to conquer. So many things are out to shift your focus and slow you down. One thing that keeps you in course is the decision you’ve made before the journey began. Keeping your eyes stayed on the goal gives you a sense of responsibility, maturity and discipline. Nobody said it would be easy; trials and temptations will come. Your decisions will be tested by storms, waves and tides. Keep your gaze fixed on the prize and every circumstances that will come will not get the best out of you. Between sunset and sunrise, the journey is adventurous. Many lessons to learn, hurdles to jump, oceans to sail, rivers to cross and mountains to climb.
So don’t go a day without an experience.

Writer by Kingsley Xtrm for Xtrmbasepro.

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