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Hi there, I am very delighted to have you here on the very first day of our new journey tagged Seed to Sequoia.

I am a young lady, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and an “older cousin” who’s walking the face of the earth with the sole desire to fulfill only God’s purpose.

Life happens to all of us right? That’s the exact reason I am writing to you today. Life happened and still happens to me and I want to share with you how I am able to navigate my path through the help of God.

As a young Christian, I have a lot of questions hovering about my mind concerning my faith and life; I did not know how to find answers because people in my age group were already deeper in their faith and living out their purpose so asking these questions “felt” embarrassing, or so I thought. I was already drowning in the oceans of ignorance, confusion and low self esteem but God rescued me through an encounter that revealed Him to me and made me realize that indeed I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


This encounter wasn’t a dream or a miracle; I didn’t meet God in a trance or a vision but in a “common boy” you’d get to know in the next blog post.

Every time I begin writing these stories I get interrupted by the non-necessity of my attention-seeking-pathetic-uninteresting tales. takes a deep breath! and distracted by the thoughts of being booed so I return my papers and notebooks to their cases. I have always been afraid to work over the drafts because writing this series requires brutal honesty and that is something not everyone can offer or take (including myself). I am however writing today because of something bigger than myself and I am most excited to have you here with me as I take my leap of faith.

I am writing Seed to Sequoia to share experiences that are real, true and authentic. I understand really well that sometimes theological and philosophical books are not enough or so helpful in driving the message home.

“I know damn too well that shared testimonies reignite the hearts of people to wait on God, depend on his love and trust his saving help;”

it strengthens them to look beyond the here and now, hold on to their divine convictions and rely on his promises. All these simply because testimonies show what we have overcome ourselves and how we trust God through everything life throws at us, whether good or bad.

At first I was afraid and embarrassed; concerned about the negative effects which stemmed from pride and selfishness but neglected the greater good my truth could serve the lives of others. However as time went on and while I was studying Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, I realized that I could use the same things I endured to share hope and strength to others; it made me realize I was in the best position to encourage, comfort and teach broken hearted people how to accept love again and young people like myself to seek God above all else.

I realize that reading this post behind a computer or a phone is a human being God created, Christ died for and one the Holy Spirit is eagerly waiting to invade; a human being who perhaps needs to be reassured, hear or believe for the first time that God loves and is always interested in them. So I consider this an opportunity to witness to the whole world; to speak to and with people I may never see and reach the places I may never travel to, all at once.

As you proceed, I hope that you are encouraged by what you read, inspired by the stories shared and triggered to rebuild your life in God; that through applying the truths shared in this blog series, you will know God, love him, serve him and be happy with him.

So again I am excited you’re here and I look forward to building a community of young people whose lives are steered by the wheels of the gospel; a community of believers who acknowledge their vulnerabilities and recognize the workings of God’s grace in their lives so that all we entirely are at all times is true.

I am eager to learn how you live in obedience to God through your struggles. Please kindly leave comments whenever you can, subscribe to our email list, send me an email on and invite your friends as well. I will be honored to share your stories, lessons or thoughts as we journey in faith together.

Love and light!

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