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Glory On Display -Nengak Precious

Here is another version of GLORY ON DISPLAY by Nengak Rex.

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Dear Mama,I was in the warmth of your womb for nine months.I could feel you bore me with your last fundsAnd fed me with the…

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Each One Reach One – Charlotte

Knowledge is pain…. It pierced my heart like a sharp sword; That the giant of Africa has fallen and has turned to shreds – like…

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There Is Just One You

While walking through my mind’s eye In the early morning scorching sun, With chilled breeze watching over me Like a guardian angel, I crawled to…

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Aging Bones – Joy Okwori

AGING BONES Breathe of ease and laughter of great sincerity, young blood of silky smooth skin wrapped up in a world of utter glee. It…

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Whisper – Joy Okwori

                                          WHISPER The breeze whistled…

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Suicide – JayNova


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Thorn Thighs – DeGeneral

THORN THIGHS My mouth is met with blood stained currencies, a certain amount of wealth meant to pay for my innocence. These moments of bliss…

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Choice – JayNova

He had a Benz, But he had no lens He always screwed them girls, But he had no friends…. He had choices to make,But his…

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I unveiled me – DeGeneral

I UNVEILED ME Written By: Nuel Degeneral Umahi Photography By: Kingsley Nwabueze Ezeabikwa(Diggy Pixels). Model: Stephynie Agida I unveiled me, Not because I prostituted my…

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Stigma – JnoVa

His eyes were red, His fist tough,His muscles were like the walls of Jericho. Dread consumed your soul, the gulp of fear sank down your…

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I Promise – Degeneral

           I PROMISE. (Written By Degeneral) I promise, To never loose sight of those beautifully curved smiles on your pretty face…

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I and You – Degeneral

                           I AND YOU (Written By Degeneral) Little boys do have their fantasies…

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I’ll be waiting – JayNovas

              I’ll BE WAITING (WRITTEN BY JAYNOVAS) When the night goes to sleep And the moon takes a bow…

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JayNova – What If

What if the world was reverse? What if the sky was green and the seas blue? Would you exclaim…… Oh wow? What if the moon…

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With stones of Tuquoise [Esther Polaris]

With Stones of Turquoise Battered and Shattered Hopeless and Homeless Destroyed beyond repair Or so I seemed to appear Nothing left of me Bit by…

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