Celebrate the King by Martins Onah ft. Barnabas Alayande

Celebrate the King is a theatrical and prophetic glimpse into the paradox of redemption. With scenes set in heaven, on earth, in the past, present and future, this lyrical masterpiece is intended to lead today’s wise men to celebrate not only the newborn King, but the hanging, risen and returning King, Jesus. The temporal sacrifice of His Throne results in the enthronement of many.
Martins Onah debuts with this amazing urban-jazz blend single produced by the legendary Oluwadrumma. Martins is a creative song writer, worship leader, youth minister, business person and emerging lifestyle coach who is president of the RCCG Plateau 2 Young Adults and Youth Affairs. He serves at Strong Tower, Jos. The song features Dr Barnabas Alayande – Surgeon, Youth Pastor at the Impact Makers movement, and author of songs such as New Nation, World Changers’ Anthem and Loud and Clear. Together, they bring the message of hope, joy and celebration of the coming King!
Guitars : Preach Zagi
Facebook: Onah Martins
Instagram: @war_tinz


The world was in chaos
Commotion was the order of the day
Evil and evil men reigned
And it seemed there was no one to deliver
God looked down from heaven
And He felt pity for all of men
So He called the heavenly council
And He asked who would go down to deliver
They all said no
Why do you care about them so much
No matter what you do
They’ll still rebel against you
But the Son stood from His throne
And He said father I’ll go
Oh Joy to the world
Let the earth receive her king
So I celebrate,I  celebrate
The new born king 2X
I celebrate, I celebrate
He who has come to set us free from
Sin and death
I celebrate, celebrate
The new born king 2X
There was pandemonium in heaven
They all couldn’t believe what just happened
The angels, four and twenty elders stutter
They all await the verdict of the father
The Father beacons The Son, He said, ”Let’s go for a walk”
For what you’re about to do O boy we gotta talk
Sorrow, grief awaits the one who chooses to go
All of this and more, boy, You gotta know
The Son says Yes
I care ’bout them so much
No matter what they do
I’ll be leading them to You
Then the Son stood from His throne
And He said, “Father, I’ll go”
Oh Joy to the world
Let the earth receive her King
So I celebrate, celebrate
The new born king 4X
Call: Son You’ll lose your glory
R: Yes I know
Call: Masked divinity
R: Yes I know
Call: You’ll live like a man
R: So they’ll live like a god
Call: You’ll be dishonored
R: So they’ll be honored
Call: You’ll be beaten
R: They’ll be healed
Call: Live in poverty
R: They’ll be rich
Call: You’ll be crucified
R: So they’ll receive the gift to live forevermore
So I celebrate, I celebrate the new born king
I celebrate, I celebrate the hanging king
From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky, the risen king
I celebrate, celebrate the coming king

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