Choice – JayNova

He had a Benz, But he had no lens
He always screwed them girls, But he had no friends….
He had choices to make,But his instincts always failed.
That could be anyone’s story, it could be mine or yours. Probably because we don’t realize that there is nothing like not making a choice and there is no comfort in sitting on a fence when life can be alot easier if we make the right choices.
You see on one hand, there are people who believe no one is really responsible for anything, we are all victims of the external Powers that dictate our plight, society, genetics,and more. On the other hand,there are those who believe that with individual liberty comes responsibility and accountability. Therefore,a person is responsible for the actions and choices he makes.
We all whine about being free and bla bla bla….. But do we realize that freedom carries with it a necessary measure of personal responsibility. If you are going to make your own choices then you have to live with the consequences, both good and bad of the choices you make. No one else can or will take your own share of the loads. The outcome of your life is the sum total of all the responses and choices you make towards various situations that arise in your life.
The same plagues that built the faith of Moses caused Pharaoh to resist with increasing stubbornness. Both men witnessed the same circumstances ~yet, while Moses’ heart softened, Pharaoh’s heart grew more rebellious. So God elevated Moses and destroyed Pharaoh on the basis on each man’s choice. Apparently, the sun that melts butter hardens clay🤔🤔🤔…….. you’ll have to modify what you think, how you think, your daily habits, your reading materials your conversations, your dreams, fantasies or something else, because this eventually defines and determines who you are and where you end up. 🤷🏾‍♀……. Change equals risk, the right choices are not usually easy to make but it’s results are glorious. Choose wisely…… Be The King 👑 Of Your Game .


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