Lb is a household name in the gospel music scene. Most of us know him for his amazing songwriting skills and vocal prowess.
The “Who else can” crooner shared with us exclusively via a chat very important issues concerning music. He shared exclusively with us his views on music and and what he thinks we need to pay attention to.
He has also shared with us that he is currently rebranding his music. This is really exciting and we can’t wait to hear the new LB
See WhatsApp conversation below. Enjoy.

[06/08 8:20 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hey Lb
[06/08 8:20 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Good evening
[06/08 8:20 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: How have you been?
[06/08 8:21 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: What have you been up to? We miss you on the music scene though
[06/08 8:22 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: But first of all… How are you?
[06/08 8:23 pm] Lb Lambslain: Hello Good evening. I have been making progress. I am fine and how are you?
[06/08 8:23 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Fine
[06/08 8:24 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Awesome. I still remember your amazing songs. You are a prolific song writer man
[06/08 8:24 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: What have you been up to?
[06/08 8:24 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Please tell me you’ve written 5000 songs already🙏🏾
[06/08 8:25 pm] Lb Lambslain: oh wow! thank you. I appreciate that.
[06/08 8:25 pm] Lb Lambslain: lol
[06/08 8:25 pm] Lb Lambslain: I have been doing loads and loads of research about music
[06/08 8:25 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Wow… Amazing
[06/08 8:26 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: This is heart warming
[06/08 8:26 pm] Lb Lambslain: okay..I went back to the 80’s
[06/08 8:26 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Wow… Please tell me more
[06/08 8:27 pm] Lb Lambslain: I realy wanted to know what has been consistent all through these decades
[06/08 8:28 pm] Lb Lambslain: how hits or you can say, how good music was made, the purpose, concepts and all
[06/08 8:28 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hmmmmm sounds so amazing. Wanna share what you’ve found or
[06/08 8:28 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Sweet
[06/08 8:29 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: It is amazing how artiste’s rarely do this
[06/08 8:29 pm] Lb Lambslain: oh yes… I mean I would want every musician to listen to this..
[06/08 8:29 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: It is a true test of diligence
[06/08 8:29 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Please share it
[06/08 8:29 pm] Lb Lambslain: I believe it would help … lol I am a kind person.
[06/08 8:29 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: 🙂
[06/08 8:30 pm] Lb Lambslain: I know we have great songs and great beats
[06/08 8:30 pm] Lb Lambslain: but the point is
[06/08 8:30 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Yes
[06/08 8:30 pm] Lb Lambslain: has your song influenced the culture
[06/08 8:31 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hmmmmm… What a question… Has our songs influenced culture?
[06/08 8:31 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: About engaging culture… What’s your take on it
[06/08 8:32 pm] Lb Lambslain: the way people dress
[06/08 8:32 pm] Lb Lambslain: cut their hair
[06/08 8:32 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: You have suggestions on how to engage culture? It seems like everyone these days is after the money
[06/08 8:32 pm] Lb Lambslain: talk and what they believe
[06/08 8:32 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hmmmmm…
[06/08 8:33 pm] Lb Lambslain: yeah i mean music is a powerful weapon we can use to restore or improve on our heritage and culture.
[06/08 8:33 pm] Lb Lambslain: The drive for Patriotism and indigenous amongst many other things
[06/08 8:35 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Wow
[06/08 8:35 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Sounds like some deep stuff
[06/08 8:35 pm] Lb Lambslain: you may say so
[06/08 8:37 pm] Lb Lambslain: I did a little bit of study on the new school and old school producers
[06/08 8:37 pm] Lb Lambslain: and they have all said the same things
[06/08 8:38 pm] Lb Lambslain: that it is not enough to make a good beat or produce a good song. anyone can do that. the question is… have you influenced the culture?
[06/08 8:39 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Influencing culture
[06/08 8:39 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Quick one though
[06/08 8:39 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Can any artiste influence culture?
[06/08 8:40 pm] Lb Lambslain: this question should spark up a new dirve and fire in all producers and artist who understand the power the answer to this question can bring
[06/08 8:40 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Isn’t it meant for the “already made” artistes?
[06/08 8:40 pm] Lb Lambslain: the dynamics
[06/08 8:40 pm] Lb Lambslain: i mean the areas in which we can make a difference
[06/08 8:41 pm] Lb Lambslain: look… the good place to start is where you are
[06/08 8:41 pm] Lb Lambslain: that’s the point of revelation..
[06/08 8:42 pm] Lb Lambslain: trace all the musical legends, super stars, Ministers, worshipers, call it what you may
[06/08 8:42 pm] Lb Lambslain: they have shaped our thought patterns.
[06/08 8:45 pm] Lb Lambslain: I remember listening to songs in the 80’s and 90’s our focus then was on the words
[06/08 8:45 pm] Lb Lambslain: nowadays even the beat speaks.. this is awesome
[06/08 8:46 pm] Lb Lambslain: we moved from “the song is cool”  to “I love the beat so much
[06/08 8:46 pm] Lb Lambslain: ‘the song is cool”
[06/08 8:47 pm] Lb Lambslain: let’s have culture speak both in words and instrumentation
[06/08 8:48 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hmmmmm… So it means any artiste can
[06/08 8:48 pm] Lb Lambslain: of course
[06/08 8:53 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Wow
[06/08 8:55 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: This is some very deep root sir
[06/08 8:55 pm] Lb Lambslain:  😂  again you may say so
[06/08 8:56 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: This needs to be seen by every artiste out thede
[06/08 8:56 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: *There
[06/08 8:56 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Back to Lb
[06/08 8:59 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: From what you’ve said I am sure that a lot of things are cooking up for us
[06/08 8:59 pm] Lb Lambslain: lol first its a change of mindset
[06/08 9:00 pm] Lb Lambslain: and all other things will follow..
[06/08 9:01 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: *Change of mindset*
It is key
[06/08 9:02 pm] Lb Lambslain: yes. That affects you and your environment when you put that revelation to work.
[06/08 9:04 pm] Lb Lambslain: back to You
[06/08 9:05 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: True talk sir. It means we need to make our music more organic and centered towards influencing culture
[06/08 9:08 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: I believe that every gospel artiste needs to look at how to engage and perhaps influence culture
[06/08 9:09 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Do you have any thoughts to spare on what gospel music truly is? *In your opinion*
[06/08 9:10 pm] Lb Lambslain: You know.. culture is the total way and life of a people. their belief system, mores, values , norms.. dress code… you name it. my focus has always been on the belief system. we are all what we believe. its the core of our being. what you believe will inevitably affect you whole lifestyle.. it’s just that way
[06/08 9:11 pm] Lb Lambslain: Yes its pretty simple.
[06/08 9:17 pm] Lb Lambslain: The Gospel is simple. Jesus died for the worlds salvation, he was buried and yet resurrected to make us righteous. It this message brings hope, faith and love. in the words of the Apostle Paul…. he states that anything that is not influenced by love realy amounts to nothing. Even if you miraculously, daily raise dead bodies to life.. at the name of Jesus.
[06/08 9:18 pm] Lb Lambslain: So gospel music is centered on Gods love for humanity, how humanity enjoys this love and shares the experience to his neighbors, then the whole earth. its a ripple effect.
[06/08 9:23 pm] Lb Lambslain: there is an ideal culture of the Kingdom of God that defines gospel music. its all that is inspired by Gods love. Jesus! Gods love to us
[06/08 9:24 pm] Lb Lambslain: back to you
[06/08 9:26 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Hmmmmm
[06/08 9:26 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Thank you so much
[06/08 9:27 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: I listened to you at a concert recently and man o man… I’m really amazed at the new sound. I must commend the gear transformation
[06/08 9:28 pm] Lb Lambslain: wow what concert. and what song if i may ask?
[06/08 9:29 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: At Keffi. You did a medley
[06/08 9:31 pm] Lb Lambslain: hmmm thank you. I am making progress
[06/08 9:37 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: I’m sure you are
[06/08 9:37 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: How can we get your songs?
[06/08 9:37 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: While we await your comeback
[06/08 9:45 pm] Lb Lambslain: I am re branding myself so Please i would be able to give you one song for know. I will release the rest soon enough.
[06/08 9:47 pm] Lb Lambslain: you can always click on this link


Better still you can google LB Lamslain and you would see the song on other links

[06/08 9:50 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Ok. Thank you so much
[06/08 9:51 pm] Lb Lambslain: You are welcome..
[06/08 9:51 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: If people would connect with you on social media…
[06/08 9:51 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Facebook twitter and Instagram
[06/08 9:56 pm] Lb Lambslain: Facebook: Lb Lamslain, Instagram: lb_lambslain. FB fan page Lb Lubem Ami
[06/08 10 pm] Lb Lambslain: Back to you
[06/08 10:01 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Thank you so much for your time baba,
[06/08 10:02 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: We celebrate you
[06/08 10:02 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: We will keep tabs of you
[06/08 10:02 pm] XTRMBASEPRO: Thanks for the very deep insight
[06/08 10:04 pm] Lb Lambslain: Thank you so much. You are a blessing

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