Talking about the move last year…. I woke up each morning slowed by sadness and frightened by the endless stretch of day that lay ahead. Everything had thickened and I was shrouded in a soup of nothingness.
I still prayed, fasted, went to church and I still sounded “Christianese” – “It is well “, I would mutter… even though it wasn’t really what I wanted to be saying . I wanted to care but I no longer knew how, it had slipped from my memory, the ability to care.
I manage to act like I’ve got it all together – but liquid fire was raging inside me. 😣 It got even worse when I came within range of anyone who reminded me of my perceived inadequacies.
Then some gave me prayer pamphlets, encouraging me to curse all the powers hanging around my bedside at night, like I’m the sole target of all the demons in hell🙄😏.
Too often, there are times we feel like God let us down and the only people we feel we can turn to usually justify it with the cliché “it’s a spiritual problem “. We know that “God is good ” and even accompany it with an “all the time ” but it doesn’t negate the fact that you and I are feeling that way. It’s okay to cry, yell and scream.
But you see, in the midst of all the pain and struggles, remember “I know what I’m doing, I have it all planned out; plans to take of you and not to abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. ” Jer 29:11(MSB)
So just like Jesus was almost giving up, He looked at the future glory, what his death will do to humanity, he concluded “Father, put your glory on display “.
Need I go on? Stay confident in who He has made you. You are a treasure and a blessing to your generation.Open your heart to G. O. D today.
Because in the midst of our storm, God is putting His Glory On Display!

Glory On Display concert is tomorrow and we are prepared to dish out steaming hot poetry fused with music 🎶 . You can’t afford to miss this!
Make it a date with us. T-shirts are also available, Call Omotola on +2348135515338 to place your orders, as well as seats reservations. See you 😍😍😍

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