I Promise – Degeneral

           I PROMISE.

(Written By Degeneral)
I promise,
To never loose sight of those beautifully curved smiles on your pretty face
Or grow old, tired and weary while holding those palms in mine when the clocks runs faster than the two or three digits that symbolises our age,
For your face is a glowing illumination of light,
One that chases away the dimness of the dark
And your palms, a blessing to one in dear need of succour.
I promise,
To always understand the constitution governing the institution called, “Marriage”
Before saying my “I do”
So that, we, would raise up godly seeds
Employing every biblical parental method
Without sparing the rod
And my knees will not be too feeble to pray by your side
Or my temperament become hotter than the Saharan desert when your make up routines delay our lateness to meetings and the place of worship.

I promise,
To never leave you heart unguarded
For I am a knight
And not a chocolate creamed conscious cadet running in these circles without understanding the wars of life.
For your heart is a connectivity to your tongue
And I my love, would want you to say those courteous words of wisdom, wealth and blessings.
I promise,
To be your number one fan,
When the theatres are empty
Without an applause
And the ovation is halted,
I promise to laugh even when the audience aren’t comedy friendly.
For you my darling,
Have given me a third reward out of my ultimate search of love and a peace of mind
And that is, a faithfulness undefiled.
So on my honour,
To always be by your side.



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