Interview with Natty P.R.O.F.F

It was an insightful moment with this rapper.  We didn’t regret having him here. In his words, I’m convinced that we owe God and the next generation a more functional society, thus we must build those environs today, and it all begins in framing the minds of each other, I choose to use music, find yours.”


XtrmBasePro: After a long silence, we are back on our gist on Artist and the Art. This week, we have a beautiful and amazing rapper… We will let him introduce himself.

So, tell us about yourself…

NattyProff: Wow nice😃

I’m Thomas Nathan, also known as NattyProff; an Architect by discipline, and musical artiste by passion.

I’ve always loved to listen to quality sounds and intellectual content;  eventually, that pushed me into building my musical skills to write my own lyrical content.

XtrmBasePro: Awesome! It’s nice having you on this platform. We hope to have a nice time with you.

So how do you blend music and architecture?

NattyProff: It’s my pleasure 😁

I’ve never regretted studying Architecture. Back in school; I practiced and made little money at intervals that eased to run personal goals like obtaining audio books, sowing into ministries, going on musical trips without pay 😂🤣lol, co-hosting concerts and promoting my music.

In summary, Architecture always sponsored my music.

Of cause, these multiple activities dragged my grades and I was compelled by life to define where I’d place my energy. I tended towards music and snubbing Architecture, but it was then I asked God direct questions and He pointed out paths on how to balance them, can’t explain all now because they are not all clear to me yet but His words were; “Paul an apostle and tent maker”

XtrmBasePro: That’s brilliant. Good thing you don’t depend on music for your income as most people would. I guess that’s why some conclude gospel music don’t pay so they turn to the other side? I guess I don’t have to ask if you feel music should pay your bills?

But artistes should just be diligent in their skills, excellent work will eventually pay, income is reward for relevance.

NattyProff: Oh about that, I think music should pay, and we should be encouraged financially… But artistes should just be diligent in their skills, excellent work will eventually pay, income is reward for relevance.

XtrmBasePro: Okay! Well, let’s not go deep into that. Although, I appreciate your view on it.

How did your interest in music start?

Natty Proff: I’m from a family of two kids, my elder sister was a born singer so she sparked the desire, and as she became better in years I kept trailing her.

I was also exposed to some rap artistes on TV and radio but didn’t think I could until I met a group of rappers in YWAP.

XtrmBasePro: So you have been into music for how long now?

Natty Proff: professionally, about nine years

XtrmBasePro: okay!

So how many songs have you got out there since then?

Natty Proff: I have four singles released, but songs I’ve been featured on by other artistes and groups would count to about Fifteen-twenty

XtrmBasePro: okay. that is beautiful.. So how challenging has it been since you started out? what would you say is the most challenging aspect of the music process?

Natty Proff: I think it’s the quest for audience’s  acceptance whenever I go to places for the first time.

People don’t care who you are until you impress them, and for me the challenge has been struggling to win over a community of NattyProff supporters in every city.

I’m still getting established within the northern and middle belt region but I can boast of some favour; I usually find ease subsequently after first impressions.

XtrmBasePro: so have you ever faced any rejection? like you go up the stage and the countenance of the audience was just not receptive at all. If yes, how were you able to handle it. If no, how are you prepared for such if ever it comes?

Natty Proff: Yes o😀, a couple of times

But I’ve learnt to prepare for the worse, so such responses never demoralize me, in fact it gives me the chance to break mindsets. Usually when I’m done, the responses become encouraging.


I also thank God for the lessons I learnt on stage management, such that one can sustain a crowd’s interest even with power failure. In such cases, I just engage the audience in some catchy chants with familiar phrases from the event and it’s been awesome

XtrmBasePro: Yea, about that “power failure thing”, I remember an event where there was a scenario like that, and you nailed it bruh😁😁. Not every artist would be able to go on when there is power failure you know; not after they have planned on nailing that soundtrack😂😂. But you showed a great artistic skill there. And yea, for the record, I love how you manage your stage and communicate brilliantly with your audience. Keep that up man

Natty Proff: Thanks lots man😀

XtrmBasePro: So here is a major question from us; How would you describe the music making process?Take us through the process of your music making. From writing down to recording and all the in- between. How would you describe it?

Natty Proff: Ok I’ll start with what inspires a song first:

  1. Literally anything could get me thinking and spark a reminder of a lesson learned

Or spark anger about a matter that could be better, and this inspires my writing. Then I arrange the song, set up appointments with the producer, release date and all.

The feed-backs after releasing a single is something I usually look forward to, I get the chance to tell what my audience like the most about my art and subsequently increase the volume lol

Xtrmbasepro: That’s beautiful! Feedback matters a lot you know. We all crave to know how we are doing, and certainly from others. It’s like putting a check on what you do. Good one

So in your own opinion, what’s the best song ever recorded?

Natty Proff: Don’t waste your life by Lecrae

Xtrmbasepro: Great!

Thank you for your time so far.

Natty Proff: It’s my pleasure 😀

Xtrmbasepro:  Who are some of the artists you have worked with?

Natty Proff: I’ve worked with G-dia, E-Daniels, Cypher block with Benny Dee, Greatman, Soulflame (Ywap intl), and a lot more

Xtrmbasepro: That’s a list you have there! Kudos man

This may be personal, but I would ask anyway😁; why do you do rap music?

Natty Proff: Lol, its simply because it gives me room to say more

As a singer, I could ad-lib through four lines and repeat till the verse is over, but a rapper has to offer content without vain repetitions.

And rap puts me in the position to stretch my mind in word-plays and cyphers with depth..


Xtrmbasepro: okay,So that was why you started rap music?

Natty Proff: Yup

Xtrmbasepro: you mean to say you rap music says it better?

Natty Proff: Affirmative.

Xtrmbasepro: Make singers no catch you oo, or even poets🤷🏿‍♂🤷🏿‍♂

Natty Proff: Lol, singers don’t have to, so many focus on the melody and don’t bother to say a lot… but poets are compelled to be skillful with words even as they communicate depth.

I applaud any performer who can entertain and still deliver, whether it’s with or without the melody.

Let’s be diligent in our skills!

Xtrmbasepro: So you are suddenly creating a balance abi?

Natty Proff: Yeah it’s my school of thought, thus it determined my choice to add rap to my singing.

Xtrmbasepro: Okay lets round up.

What do you have to say to your audience? How soon should we expect a project?

Natty Proff: 👆🏼Let’s be diligent in our skills…

I’m working on ILLUMINATE The E.P hopefully late this year it has a lot of northern traditional features fused into contemporary Hip Hop, you definitely would love it, stay tuned

Also dropping a jam next month, y’all follow my handles for updates

Xtrmbasepro: Cool bro. We await the EP. And I’m sure the audience will also look forward to the coming jam.

Any last words?

Natty Proff: I’m convinced that we owe God and the next generation a more functional society, thus we must build those environs today, and it all begins in framing the minds of each other, I choose to use music; find yours.

Xtrmbasepro: Wow! This is one of the most beautiful statements I’ve heard in a long time! Thank you so much,Natty Proff.

So many bad news fills the airwaves today; what do you think gospel ministers called to influence the media are not doing properly?

Natty Proff: I think we are not addressing sensitive topics enough. It’s good to lead the audience in worship and all, but we also have the ability  to express the truth on how to go about practical life matters. Some people would never read the Bible, but will steadily bump into our jams, thus, we have a powerful tool for massive mental impact. We owe the society nice sounds with positive contents; this is a way to displace the junk in the airwaves…

Xtrmbasepro: Before we end this, tell us how the name came about

Natty Proff: Natty used to be a pet name as a kid.A Prof is one at the peak of an academic discipline, thus it’s my quest to get to the best there could ever be in my chosen fields. Furthermore, the acronym Natty P. R. O F. F  means “Natty Puts the rhythm Out For Folks”

Xtrmbasepro: Hehehe

Okay. Thank you so much. That will be all.

 Natty Proff: Thank you too😀.

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