Jo x Dj Greal – Wake

This ills are too much for one country.
What if we are the chosen ones.
What if speaking by using all Forms of weapons is the actual way to the real change.
Here we have one. Using his lyrical weapon in collaboration with a sensational musician..
Representing Nigeria
A rap like never before.
Overloaded with hard content.
DJ Greal x Lyrical Jo on a Song Titled Wake(the anger)
Are u angry?
Listen to this
Do u need a solution ?
Listen to this



MadHouse Inc Music

House 3:16

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  1. You must be really proud of the work you have done here. I simply got to let you know, I am super impressed. This page is loved by my girlfriend. This is an great, an eye-popper for sure! Your perspective is incredibly refreshing. You clearly understand what you are talking about.

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