Written By Aisa

Dear Mama,
I was in the warmth of your womb for nine months.
I could feel you bore me with your last funds
And fed me with the best manner you could give;
Your malnourished breast milk.

Dear Papa,
You were happy to witness my first cry.
Your smiles dripped down your worn out tie
But when I could smile back too, you never cared.
You should have told mama you weren’t really prepared.

Dear Papa,
I’m still roaming the street you threw me to.
Funny enough, we are many not just two.
At times I walk the cruel street alone,
My tattered shoes carrying me along.
The scorching sun makes me sick
But am a stranger so no one gives me a pick.
My stomach would rage unending wars
But the only sword I possess are my “sweet sores”.
I sip the juice out to defend my helpless breath.
As a child warrior, its my only way to escape shameful death.

Dear Mama,
The street has left me emaciated.
Memories of you, feeds me with regrets now am over fed.
While I see other kids play with pleasure,
I play with pain under the beating rain,
With no parents to refrain.
I can’t remember our last kiss
I guess in your world, I don’t even exist.
A child is a blessing
But I’m only a menace to my society.
When I beg for alms, I’m called a liability.
Well I don’t even know what that means.
I’ve knocked on doors and cried out loud as I was taught
But even dogs bark and throw me out.
I thought I could feed from their cage
I’m human, but they treat me with rage.
I thought without you I would be lost and confused
I am, Mama
But if parenting were a contest, I bet with my last breath that you’ll lose.
I’m left with wounds that heal slowly
But the scars on me even fade slower

Dear Mama and Papa,
I’m unsecured. I’m a bait to the insurgents.
The broken bridge is my home
And every night, I commune with mosquitoes that make me groan.
I’m depressed.
Do you feel the same?
We once had a bliss
But ignorance has torn us apart.
I’m lost in identity crisis.
I don’t know who I am.
Guess I’m a national disgrace.
What’s my destiny?

Dear Superiors,
Is this how you let future leaders end?
Why not sensitize our parents?
I’m not alone in this stigmatized tent.
Beg our parents to conceive when they can
For if tomorrow I hold a title,
I’ll put this to ban and put culprits behind bars.

Dear Papa,
I’m a prospective father too
So the hurt in my heart boils back to you.
You’ve given me the street as a first school
So these are my last words to you:
“If a hundred of you were still alive,
(Don’t know if you are though)
There will be more students to dive and drown in this endless despair”

                        Yours sincerely,

Author: xtrmbasepro

Xtrmbasepro is a platform for promoting reputable contents that are life and mind transforming. It was birthed out of the desire to fill the airwaves with good news and be a part of those who would reclaim the media, arts & entertainment spheres to the glory of God

21 thoughts on ““LETTER FROM THE STREET”

  1. 1st time I’ll read a writeup like this to the end, your words are weighty… I love you Aisa Zerubabel.

  2. This is a very beautiful, I just realize that this shouldn’t be here alone.. everyone should see, read and learn, this is exactly what we need in this world where everything is falling apart “Beg our parents to conceive when they can for if tomorrow I hold a title, I’ll put this to ban and put culprits behind bars” may God continue to strengthen you in all you do Aisa zerubabel, keep up the good work

  3. Aisa! Your words are sending live thorns to my soul 💔💔. I really really connect and relate to this. Weldone girl.

  4. I’m flabbergasted with insurgent emotions oozing from your inner being dear writer. The world is in dire need of you…Meet you at UN and WHO

  5. It’s a Wonderful Piece that alot of youths & children today connects with. Weldone & this should be seen not just by parents now but also future parents so as to correct this SIN of a child becoming a menace to a society as against the BLESSINGS a child should be.
    Once again Weldone & we hope to see more from you!

  6. This is so so super amazing,I adore your write ups so dearly….Aisa you’re one in a billion I’m looking forward to work with you and also to read your appealing write ups …I love you#taninathaniel#

  7. This is amazing. Keep soaring high, so emotional and soul lifting too.

    It’s a call to a better parenting
    Better society
    Better Nigeria

    God bless you Ice

  8. Aisa, you have just naild it, this has become the society we live in and shouldn’t be. This is a good message for all parents. And for the first time girl , u have shown me ur strength and God will continue to strengthen u as u grow and go further in chosen field . Don’t stop, keep inking.

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