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-Ruty Richy-

My matrimonial home was located in that kind of a street where vehicles with four tyres could not be reached easily. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing so bad about the road. Apart from portholes which seemed common around the street, you must step out of your luxury car to ask questions before getting proper direction after a long walk.

Every rainy season, we hardly had friends around because it was an exciting moment for erosion to celebrate. For us, the rainy season always reminds us about our status. We were what people called ‘poverty’.

Barely seven month I became Mrs Abraham, all hell was caught loose. It seemed the devil has come to settle with us.

Time to time, we began to blame our decisions of getting married.

“It’s just possible we settled in a trap.” After saying this, Abraham would quickly drink two glasses of water before settling for the bedroom. In a way, he was avoiding those rush of tears creeping down helplessly and because he wouldn’t want to be emotionally ambushed, he would walk silently.

Abraham was a half drink addicted kind of man. His height never gave him reason to look down on me even though he was aged than I am. He was respectful, unlike Jay and Shedrach who had no regard for women.

Like Jay would say “I don’t need to spread my money around the table for women to show interest at me. All I need do is to place a call to my sailor and remind him of how valuable my goods are and leave the women to sell their products.”

Shedrach was the friendly one amongst Abraham’s friends. I could relay on him any day, anytime until Sandra his wife became the Chief director of decision making.

Sandra had approached me two months ago to stay clear from her husband. She had accused me of having an affair with Shedrach since he was used to listening to my problems and sometimes resolving it.

She had threatened to tell my husband how unfaithful of a wife I am if I wouldn’t stay far from her husband. She had also ordered her husband’s secretary to report to her whenever I visited. Shedrach wasn’t aware of this new order but for peace to rain, I wore it off and did what she instructed.

There was this morning Abraham’s phone rang. I gestured to pick it up since there was no trace of him. I checked the caller, it was Jay.

“Hello AB, how far na?” he said and I responded in a hurry to avoid any further discussion.

“Good morning Jay. My husband left his phone at home. Meanwhile, how was your night?” I asked as I reached for the kitchen to supervise the faded fire woods but as usual Jay cut me out and went straight to the point.

“When AB returns, be sure to tell him about my party at 7pm,” he paused and then continued. “Its going to be my best moment with Esther. Make sure he dresses well.” He dropped the call immediately and left me wondering what he actually meant by “encourage AB to dress well.”

Jay was obviously among those people who thought I was the cause of my husband’s misfortune. I had been ridiculed and sometimes attacked by local women around the neighbourhood.

Where I came from, it was believed that marriage is a blessing and hence the wife is an embodiment of flourishing caves. If otherwise, she is declared “caused or a witch”.

Regardless of those accusations, I had never allowed myself to be conditioned to leave my husband’s house. I knew he wouldn’t want that. He loved me. Well enough to fight. He had great plans even before we got married. I believed him completely but now, everything has crashed.

He had promised me to wait and had told me everything would be fine in no distant time. In one of those happy night, he would buy a chill bottle of vitamilk and suya as he returns from work and watched me eat. He wanted a better life for us. I could tell from how he looked at me. He was brave and cautious. He was a man who would rather do mere jobs to survive than stumping low to beg. He was considered unimportant by his extended family because of his independent lifestyle. He hated to be reminded of owing another man’s property. He wanted to earn himself and also raise his family without the help of no one. He had stood his ground even when his late father was ready to initiate him to a sacred cult which would eventually make him wealthier than his peers.

Moving like a tired ghost, Abraham edged the door and looked into the room where I was partly seated on a wooden stool. He gave a fulminating sigh as he jumped to the powerless mattress which sank deep as his weight settled on it.

I watched him closely. He was sweating progressively. There was another sigh as he rise to sit on the edge of the bed.

“I need my head examined working for this kind of money per day as a first class Architect,” he said in disgust.

I have seen him reacted like this before. This was the third. I moved towards him. It was the right time to make him feel like a man he was. I sat next to him, revealing my smile. I lay his head on my labs and massaged it gently. There was a long pause that filled the atmosphere.

Finally, he made up his mind to talk to me.
“What if I would never make you happy?” His voice was calm and passionate. I hated it when he talked like that. He looked carefully at me and then hold my hands “I need a job. What have I done wrong? who have i offended?”

It took me ten minute to get rid of my tears. This time, i had a slight feeling of guilt. If I had gone to the university, maybe things would have been better now. I would have had a job and perhaps support Abraham.

“This wasn’t the time for regret,” I said in my mind. “It was time to do something, anything. Anything that could earn little for us to pay bills but how do I get money to start up?” I contemplate.

I drew my mind back to Sandra warning me to stay clear from Shedrach and the echo of her voice alerted me back to my senses. I shrug off.

“Are you OK? You look terrified” Abraham held me to himself and I lied to keep him calm.

To be continued…

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