Special people – Tenati


They tried to write me off…
They tried to tell me what I can and cannot do…
They tried to tell me how to live my life…
They tried to set a limit to my potential…
They underestimate me, belittle me and shot the door for me not to go in.
But if only they know…
If only they know that I don’t need them more than they need themselves…
If only they know that I don’t need them more than we need each other…
If only they know that I only need them just the way we all need each other,
Then they will learn to treat me as they would want to be treated and love me as they would a brother.

They look at my debility without seeing disability in thier inability to accept my ability… accept me for who I am.
Yes…I know it isn’t easy to be whole and having to deal with people in my condition, but if only they will put themselves in my position to see the difficulty in dealing with people in their condition…then they will see that we are all special in a way different.

Cursed they say I am, but if I am then cursed are we all for thousands of million ways we face everyday to become disabled…how we manage to escape each and cross another day only grace can explain for we are all temporary abled Bodies.

Isn’t it ridiculous?
Isn’t it ludicrous?
You live and forget that life could cripple you down; strip you off everything…leaving you nothing more than a living corpse…leaving you disabled and unable? How is it that you do not consider death a Disability but you looking at the deformity of a life full of potential and call it Disability?
If you are special and do not think less of others, then how special are you?
Why do you abhor and count my disability against me as though anyone had the chance to make himself?
Why can’t you see that we are all ordinary people made in the God wants us to be?
But I want you to know…that while you adorn and adore yourself…if I had had the chance to make myself I would make it as perfect as you would like to have me.

But nevertheless I am not deterred cos I am determined!
I am optimistic!
I am positive!
I believe the only thing that is impossible is that everything is possible.
If others could make it through in life with their disabilities I can!
If others could, I would!
If others have, I will!
For I am special!
Yes! Just because am disabled doesn’t mean am unable…I am… special.

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