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3King The Event

3king is birthed from the desire to see Artistic people collaborate with each other and put up projects together. The 3king event is an initiative…

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God Will Judge – Pally ft. Greal

This Song Speaks To The Present Leader Of Nigeria Who In More than 5 Years In Power Has Proven His Incompetence and Lack Of Loyalty…

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Control – Jo ft. Tem-Pee

The only way we can be victorious in life’s journey is when we submit totally to the leading of The Spirit of God, hence the…

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We Go Talk – Jayne Jatson

Jayne Jatson is one of the finest Jtown female hip hop artiste. She decided to drop this song on her birthday, declaring her decision to…

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Water – I P

Water talks about the Third Person of the Godhead. it is amazing how He is likened to a substance that we can drink and still…

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Yaron LEA – Voice Of JTown

As They Prepare For The Annual Rep Your City Or Loose Your Identity Concert In October The Unstoppable Crew; VoiceOfJtown Have Decided to Give Their…

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Jo x Dj Greal – Wake

This ills are too much for one country. What if we are the chosen ones. What if speaking by using all Forms of weapons is…

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Bege – Randimani

MadHouse Inc. Brings to you another Fire branded rap evangelist After the likes of Lyrical Jo, DJ Greal. And many More.. We bring you yet Another…

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From the stables of Madhouse.. DJ Greal storms the city with his first 2019 single bege cikin zaki. Which features Kespan Yaron Zaki This Song…

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Friend or foe?(The year book 2018) Oluwadrumma

The wait is finally over. The yearly compilation of all singles produced by Oluwadrumma tagged “ the year book ” for 2018 is now available…

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