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Sistas – Words Dive ft. Lardo & Asibi

We believe in a world where women will no longer be each other enemies and accomplice at the same time. Women are more Women are…

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The World Ending – G.P.Z

Gideon Zubairu with the stage name G.P.Z, is a spoken word poet who has been active for the last 5 years, he is also dramatist…

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Pain In Reverse – Xtrm

Do not take credit for what you do under an obsession, cos true love begins after that experience has run its course.

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Untold – Words Diva Ft. JTwice

This poem is for everyone; be encouraged. Be relentless. Do not ever think that it is over;it just begun. You have all that it takes to win,but the only thing you have to lo(o)se is this chain that binds you. 

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