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Dilemma By Aisa

Written By Aisa. I’ve sat on the clay for so long. I’ve seen the twinkling stars shine when the storms are past. I’ve seen the…

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A Poem By Joy Awushi Its been a week already in the countryside Yet, she still finds it hard to adapt to its strange environ…

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Ask. Search. Inquire

Written By Kingsley Xtrm. We do have a problem with doubt. We doubt our abilities, our capacity for faith, our ability to follow, sometimes even…

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God Will Judge – Pally ft. Greal

This Song Speaks To The Present Leader Of Nigeria Who In More than 5 Years In Power Has Proven His Incompetence and Lack Of Loyalty…

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Not A Failure Challenge Instrumental – K I

Please read and follow the instructions accordingly: You are to write and record a second verse of this song. Follow and like on Instagram &…

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In My Country

in my country, the most neglected of the Human rights is the Right to life.

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Zaithwa – The Love Song

Zaithwa is a Malawian Gospel Artiste having a few songs to her credit. In her words, “The Love song is a song that talks about…

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Dear Mama,I was in the warmth of your womb for nine months.I could feel you bore me with your last fundsAnd fed me with the…

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The Long Untraveled Road

She must have slept. When she awoke,the full moon had risen,and Quester thought she surely was dreaming ~ or else someone had transported her to…

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They say “the journey means more than the destination”. True, but how you begin that journey also has a great role to play. When you…

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See What Nenrit Is Out With

The sensational soul singer and songwriter, Nenrit is back with another melody. Having put out songs like Grace, shouda known, yazo, In his care, covered…

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Artiste & The Art With DeGeneral

If you have been following our sessions,you would know we have been talking with artistes who truly know and understand their crafts and their places…

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Kelvin’s Cubbyhole – Ruty Richy

  He stood by the corner, Like a pretty poppy Judging my motions with a blink of his eyeballs Caressing my brain for attention Until…

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Worth it or not

The team decided to ask a question and a couple of people gave different views. The question was “dating people who have been traumatized or…

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There Is Just One You

While walking through my mind’s eye In the early morning scorching sun, With chilled breeze watching over me Like a guardian angel, I crawled to…

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20 Things In Life That Are Just Not Worth It

This article came out of a casual night of perusing questions on Quora. I was new to the platform and felt like engaging in a…

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Each One Reach One

In the year 2010, statistics showed that nine million children under the age of five (5) die needlessly, more than half will come from hunger…

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We Go Talk – Jayne Jatson

Jayne Jatson is one of the finest Jtown female hip hop artiste. She decided to drop this song on her birthday, declaring her decision to…

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Yours Sincerely – TAROS Madamori

Singer and Song Writer MADAMORI RUTH OLUWATOYOSI popularly known as TAROS is an amazing worshiper who has been a blessing to the body of Christ.She…

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TAROS drops another song

Her first single; JUST FOR YOU dropped a while ago and have been blessing many ever since. A couple of months back, she featured on few…

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