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How pleasing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity…
For a few years now,there has been intercessions  on 2nd of January, every year. On this note,there has been oneness and togetherness amidst churches within Television in Kaduna state,Nigeria.

Lots of transformation have also taken place in the environment. This is one of the best things that have ever happened and is happening in that vicinity. If you know Television very well,you will also have known the crazy lifestyle there,but glory to God, the chains are breaking. Almost Every denomination was represented, both pastors and members. Men and women; both old and young. This was held in St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Television, Kaduna state.

This coming together has been about the peace and unity of the state. At the end of prayer meeting, strategic days were also agreed on for meetings at strategic places within television to pray for the streets and the nation at large. The hearts of the people is becoming one,starting from the Church… We are matching on and the gates of hell will not prevail

It is not too late to join this train. Feel free to continue even after the stipulated date.👇👇

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