The Long Untraveled Road

She must have slept. When she awoke,the full moon had risen,and Quester thought she surely was dreaming ~ or else someone had transported her to another place and time. This could not be the horrible swamp she had come through! The moon shone silver on the water,and the night birds sang,swooping low over the rushes in search of food. The heat of the day had evaporated, and a cool breeze blew against her face
Even before she heard his voice,Quester sensed she was not alone. “Do you like what you see, my child?”
Quester turned to find Guardian’s shadowed form sitting next to her,his back against the same tree. “Yes, Guardian,it is beautiful,but…”
“But what,my child”?
The full force of Quester’s exhaustion and confusion rose up in her. “Guardian, where were you? It has been terrible! The hear and the leeches and…”
“It was the path you chose,Quester.”
“I know,Guardian,I chose it – you made me choose! Abd I chose the wrong path”. Quester sobbed uncontrollably, her breath coming in gulps, her voice breaking as she spoke. “I got myself into this, I admit,but you left me when U needed you most!”
Guardian took her hand and stroke it gently. “I never left you, Child. I was there with you,keeping the snakes and alligators at bay.”
“I saw no alligators or snakes,” Quester protested.
“There are many things in the swamp you did not see. You saw only what was needed”
“But I needed you,and I couldn’t see you,or feel your presence with me. Why did you not speak to me?”
“Even for Guardians,Child, there is a time for silence”…

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