Thorn Thighs – DeGeneral


My mouth is met with
blood stained currencies,
a certain amount of wealth
meant to pay for my innocence.
These moments of bliss
now has sore blisters,
I dare not speak about it
and neither do I reveal
the face of the rapist,
for he was my therapist
one with a friendly smile
but a confused hug anytime
I am in his warm embrace.
I try daily to strike a match
stick Just to illuminate my
glowing dark room
but since I am mother’s little
dark ebony princess
I will still wear my broken
tiara, embrace my twisted fate
And walk shoulders high
aided by these thorn thighs.


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Xtrm is a passionate lover of reputable contents. He's a publicist and an idea developer,a performance poet and also a songwriter. I am driven by Phillipians 4:8. I believe in filling the airwaves with good news and I believe that the media can be reclaimed.

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