It’s a beautiful day on this side. Today,we are excited to bring to you an amazing and skilled personality. Without further ado,let’s hit it!

Xtrmbasepro: So,it’s no news anymore that you are set to release another piece of art. But before then,let’s get to meet you.
Agbutun: Ok, my name is Agbutun Abuluya mostly known as Agbutun or Agbu2n as many people call me. I am a Singer, I write songs and I am passionate about these things. I studied Law and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2015 December. I am the first of 4 siblings. I hail from Nasarawa State. Well, this is it.

Xtrmbasepro: Okay,so how does it feel like fusing music and your profession?
Agbutun: Honestly, its not been so easy doing this thing alongside Law for over 10year (from 2007-2018) from diploma in Law till now. You know both of them(Music and Law) are what I call jealous professions, they really don’t like coming together (rival professions). Somehow it worked for me. I can’t tell how but it worked for me. It hasn’t been easy though. Every phase has its challenges. In school, I had the major challenge of mixing music and academic responsibilities(keeping good grades). At this stage of my life it is about a lot more. It is about preparing to appear for a client’s case, thinking of getting some money to go to the studio, thinking of other side businesses to do… It is more about expansion and multi tasking.
I can tell you that if i foresaw this 10 years ago, I’d probably switched to another course. Well no regrets… I’ve found how to fuse both of them. You know there’s this not so popular part of Law called Entertainment Law. I’ve focused a lot on that since after call. Music on the other hand for me is me. I think it, talk it, speak it, live it man its like a third hand or leg; it is me so there’s no stress with music.
Xtrmbasepro: Wow. That’s intriguing.
Agbutun: It’s not been easy man

Xtrmbasepro: So what do you do outside music that contributes to your musicality; what hobby do you turn to in order to rejuvenate your creativity?
Xtrmbasepro: Aside law.
Agbutun: I do a few other things. I run a creative design firm( graphics, animation, video montages, prints etc), I also do content production for websites and social media handles(grow content for people). I do a little of clothing too.
Xtrmbasepro: Now this is multi tasking! You are media,young man.
Agbutun: I’d take that as a compliment and say a big thank you.
Xtrmbasepro: Yes, it is.
Agbutun: Thank you.

My music is a tool.

Xtrmbasepro: What kind of music do you do?
Agbutun: My sound is alternative and it has a touch of my descent. I like music that is relatable but unique(most of my close friends know that I hardly listen to regular songs). My music is a tool. You know how a farmer uses his farm implements, how a student uses a book and a pen, how a soldier uses a gun? That’s another perspective to view music. For me, I use it to communicate my convictions, propagate my faith in God, tell stories and encourage. My kind of music is like a piñata of different influences. I call my music “alternative” because it doesn’t fall into the distinct categories like rock, pop, jazz, classical, etc.
Xtrmbasepro: Wow! So your kind of music is “alternative”. That sounds new and unique.
Agbutun: You think so? It isn’t so new. It is just getting expressions in this part of the world.
Xtrmbasepro: Wow. Thank you for revealing that to some of us who are not aware.
I’ve listened to your songs. Actually, your music is unique. Trust me,I’m a huge fan; I’m sure you feel the breeze…

The Music making process starts from the heart to conviction then pen and paper

Agbutun: Wow. Thank you so much.
Xtrmbasepro: You are welcome, Agbutun. In one sentence, can you describe the music-making process?
Agbutun: The Music making process starts from the heart to conviction then pen and paper and finally to the studio for the listener or performed before the listeners; it is communication done via rhythm.
Xtrmbasepro: You are a smart dude. You actually stuck to the rule of the question.
Agbutun: Thank you.
Xtrmbasepro: When I heard about your incoming project, I was excited and I still am. Short clips have been up on the social media;just when we are beginning to enjoy it,it ceases. Trust me,the world is anxious. How did that song come about? Then,the amazing musician you are putting this out together with. How long have you known each other?
Agbutun: Oh… “NEVER” the song is dear to me. Simply put; it is a song of hope. It was co-written by Neken Chuwang. This song is about our daily struggles between keeping faith and giving up. It is a song about keeping our heads up high. There is a lot about this song that we will unfold as time goes by.
About who I am featuring, let me tell you a quick story. Last year, i reached out to a friend in Zambia(Emelyn Phiri; God bless her for me) about doing a song with any Zambian artiste. She miraculously got me through to one of my favourite East African Artistes Esther Chungu (I honestly did not have Esther Chungu in mind; it felt too big a dream to carry for now but it happened in less than a day). I discovered about her 2016, fell in love with her music and hoped that one day, I’d get to do a song with her. Fast-forward to when I got through to Esther. It felt like a dream. We became friends and I requested to do a song with her. She agreed man! She agreed. To me, that was a turning point. We are at the studio stage and yes never will soon be out. You will love it. Esther always delivers passionately. Wait until you hear the song.
I’ve known Esther for close to a year now and I can tell you that the bond is magnificent. She is an amazing woman. Spirit filled and blessed. I am favoured.
Xtrmbasepro: This is good news!
Agbutun: Very good news(smile)

Xtrmbasepro: Wait,who are your musical influences?
Agbutun: Man i have a lot of influences. Have you heard about Mali Music? He has been my major influence in music. I really love Jonathan Mcreynolds, Dobet Gnahore, Lukua Kanza,
India Arie, Richard Bona, Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, Gregory Porter, some Classics like Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Grand Kalle, and a lot others. You’d be shocked how much I love Rap music, you know Foreknown and Sho Baraka? I love those guys; their music is deep. Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Trip Lee(oh this guys is a blessing to me). Man, there’s so much influences… Have you read about Jesus? Jesus is the first and biggest of all my influences. His life, thought pattern, his mind, his knowledge and a lot about him drives me.

…. major prayer has been that my music will change lives, that it will be that tiny spark of inspiration someone gets to carry on, that through my music…

Xtrmbasepro: That’s super amazing, Agbutun. Thank you so much for your time.
If you can have your fans remember you for one thing,what would it be?
Agbutun: Man this question is the kind of question that takes the mind to everywhere. You see, I can’t specify exactly what I want to be remembered for but my major prayer has been that my music will change lives, that it will be that tiny spark of inspiration someone gets to carry on, that through my music, someone will find good news, that through my music, someone will find hope. Above all man, it is about letting our light shine.
Xtrmbasepro: So when will “NEVER” be ready for us to enjoy and share with our world?

Agbutun: “NEVER” should be ready this month(August). I am very excited about this project. Thank you for having me. And keep doing good. Your blog is really doing good. Keep pushing. The world needs a lot of good vibes.
Xtrmbasepro: Thanks for the kind words man. We look forward to listening to “Never”. Keep doing good music and enjoy.
Agbutun: Thank you.

So guys,we just had Agbutun. Stay connected as we unveil #Never gradually.

Connect with Agbutun on all social media platforms @agbutun

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